On August 17th I had the immense pleasure of joining my buddies in Bearstronaut for their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Couldn’t have been more proud to rip a couple songs with them and celebrate such a cool opportunity! We played two songs, both can we seen on Youtube, the first song was “Shadow” and the second track was called “Gold.” I hope for big things to come to the band this year. They deserve all the success headed their way! Also, I am extremely honored to have joined the Big Fat Snare Drum artist roster. I have been using their incredible products for some time now, and have recorded them for many albums over the last few years. Its so cool to now be able to a part of their family! As we push out of the summer, the Fall is ramping up to be slammed with shows and recordings. Keep an eye on the calendar for anything coming up in your city!